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Narok Town Sewerage Project

Narok Town is the administrative headquarters of Narok County and a major commercial centre in the south-west region of the Country. It is located approximately 109km west of Nairobi.

Narok Town, with two water supply systems has a relatively reliable water supply and extensive water distribution network.

With a rapidly growing population (108,000 in 2030) and a faily regular supply system, lack of water-borne sanitation system in Narok Town posed both a health risk to the population and a growth limit factor.

The main goal of the Project is to develop the most cost-effective system to address sewage conveyance, treatment and disposal in Narok Town in view of the prevalent on-plot sanitation systems within Narok Town.

The Scope of Works is as follows:

• Trunk and Secondary Sewers, diameter ranging between 225mm and 500mm, total length 43.7km, uPVC and Double Wall Corrugated (DWC) HDPE Sewer Pipes.
• Main Trunk Sewer, comprising of 800mm dia Double Wall Structured (DWS) HDPE Pipeline section, length 5.1km and 600mm dia Double Wall Corrugated (DWC) HDPE Sewer Pipeline section, length 5.7km
• Sewage Treatment Plant (Waste Stabilization Ponds), Capacity 3,000mᶟ/day
• Sewer connectivity targeting 500 connections.
• Last Mile Water Supply Connectivity; Extension of water reticulation system, approximate total length 95km and installation of 2,400 consumer water connections and customer meters.

Narok Town Sewerage Project
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