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Mombasa Master Plan 5 WSPs

The Specific Objective of the Consultancy Assignment was to prepare Water Distribution Network Master Plans (including Technical, Economic and Financial Feasibility Studies) for the 5 Water Services Providers (WSPs) served by the Bulk Water Supply System in Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale and Taita Taveta Counties.

These Distribution Network Master Plans will provide indicative parameters for the absorptive capacities of water distribution infrastructure of the 5 WSPs to accommodate the additional water available on completion of various Bulk Water Supply Projects planned for implementation in the region including the proposed Mwache Dam.

The Scope of the Assignment was as follows:
• Data Collection and Desk study of all available documents on the existing Distribution Networks in the Service Areas of the 5 WSPs i.e. Mombasa, Malindi, Kwale, Kilifi-Mariakani and Taveta-Voi Water & Sewerage Companies;
• Estimation of Population and Water Demands for the 5 WSPs Areas considering the planning horizon years of 2020, 2030 and 2040;
• Estimation of the Water Supply Resources available to each WSP including the proposed Mwache dam, existing sources (Mzima, Baricho, Tiwi, Lumi and Marere) and other future sources up to the planning horizon years 2020,2030 and 2040;
• Preparation of prioritized Distribution Network Investments for each WSP and scheduling and assembling prioritized capital investment packages;
• Preparation of preliminary designs and cost estimates for the proposed investments;
• Economic and Financial Analysis for the identified investments to establish their feasibility;
• Stakeholder Consultation Workshops for each WSP and presentation of the draft Distribution Network Master Plans;
• Preparation of an Implementation Log Frame for the investments in each WSP;
• Preparation of Distribution Network Master Plans for all the 5 WSPs.

The Study Areas and Water Distribution Master Plans prepared under the Assignment were limited to Urban and Peri-Urban Areas within the Service Areas of the 5 WSPs and en-route Populations along the Transmission Pipelines. The targeted Water Service Providers (WSPs) in the Counties were:
• Mombasa Water & Sewerage Co. Ltd. (MOWASCO)
• Malindi Water & Sewerage Co. Ltd. (MAWASCO)
• Kilifi-Mariakani Water & Sewerage Co. Ltd. (KIMAWASCO)
• Kwale Water & Sewerage Co. Ltd. (KWAWASCO)
• Taveta Voi Water and Sewerage Co. Ltd. (TAVEVO)

Mombasa Master Plan 5 WSPs
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