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Lake Nakuru Biodiversity

Lake Nakuru with its special structure is an internationally recognized wetland that is under threat on a variety of fronts.

The objective of this Project was to identify sustainable protection of the existing biodiversity of the lake’s flora and fauna. This included all suitable measures to keep the environment of Nakuru and Lake Nakuru National Park protected and clean, and all measures suitable to reduce over population and improve the management of wildlife species in LNNP.

The project area comprised the city of Nakuru and its surroundings, particularly Lake Nakuru watershed and further areas that could be designated for wildlife dispersal areas/wildlife

Scope of Works:

• Collection and assessment of basic data and information on socio-economics and spatial land use planning
• Hydrological and Geo-hydrological assessment
• Identification of Threats to bio-diversity
• Formulation of a Water Management Investment Concept
• Analysis and proposals for Improvement of Sewage network, Sewage treatment, sanitation services and storm water network
• Proposal for development of a sustainable Solid waste collection and management
• Identification of wildlife dispersal areas and wildlife corridor
• Development of an Environmental Management plan for Lake Nakuru
• Review of management of LNNP and Park investments
• Design of accompanying measures
• Analysis of Political, legal and Institutional framework
• Peace and Conflict Analysis
• Environmental and social impact screening
• Development of Project Implementation concepts

Lake Nakuru Biodiversity
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