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Kahawa Sukari

The Project Area lies within the Greater Nairobi Area Envelope identified under the Feasibility Study and Master Plan for Developing New Water Sources for Nairobi and Satellite Towns (egis/MIBP, 2015). The Greater Nairobi Area Envelope is an extension of the Nairobi City area to include the contiguous adjacent areas which have a development pattern similar to the Nairobi City. Most of the residents in these areas commute to Nairobi daily for work, schooling etc. These towns have developed rapidly to become dormitory towns of the Capital City, creating huge pressure on existing water and sanitation facilities.

The Main Objective of this Project is to enhance household consumer sewer connections through the construction of tertiary / infill sewers in the target areas which includes; Githurai 44 & 45, Kahawa West, Kenyatta University & its environs, Ruiru CBD and the areas along the Eastern Bypass. This will be achieved through the construction of approximately 160Km of tertiary / infill sewers supplemented by one trunk sewer and few primary / secondary sewers. By implementation of the tertiary sewers, the Project targets to achieve 8,000 Nr. Household Consumer Sewer Connections.

The Scope of Works is as follows:
• Design Review,
• Updating of RAP and ESIA Studies
• Preparation of the Household Sewer Connection Strategy
• Assistance to the Client in RAP Implementation
• Updating and Finalization of Bidding Documents
• Updating of Engineer’s Estimate for theWorks
• Assistance in Procuremtn of Works Contractor
• Construction Supervision which involves construction of Precast Concrete and uPVC Reticulation Sewers of approx. length 190km within the Project Area covering Kahawa West, Githurai 44 & 45, Kahawa Sukari, Membley, Ruiru CBD, Mugutha / Murera and areas along the Eastern Bypass Road (Diameters varying from 600mm to 160mm), Construction of 8,000 Nr. Household Sewer Connections, Construction of 2Nr. Modern Faecal Exhauster Discharge Points and Improvement at Ruiru Sewage Treatment Works comprising of Construction of Grit Removal Channel at the Phase I Inlet Works and 750mm dial Interconnection Pipeline, length 515m
• Works Commissioning which includes preparation of As-Built Drawings, O&M Manuals and Perforance Control.

Kahawa Sukari
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