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Nairobi Master Plan

Nairobi Master Plan

Project Details


Athi Water Services Board (Now Athi Water Works Development Agency)

Period of Assignment:

2010 - 2012

Financed by:

World Bank, AfD and GoK

County/ Town



Water Demand Forecast, Detailed hydrological study, yield assessment of existing and proposed sources, development of alternatives, water balance, economic analysis and multi-criteria analysis. Economic evaluation and analysis of each of the options and recommendation of most appropriate option

Project Backround

The Karimenu 2 Dam site is located in Kiriani Division, downstream of Mwagu. The location co-ordinates are defined as within latitude 0°50’S and 0°55’S and longitude 36°50’E and 36°55’E.

The following was carried out as part of the Feasibility Study of Karimenu 2 Dam:
• Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment of the social, economic and physical effects of implementation on the flora, fauna and human population of the area
• Plan the human resettlement and compensation to landowners
• Geological and Topographical surveys established the lithostratigraphy of different rocks and delineated geological structures in the study area, i.e. faults, joints, map out the soil types
• Study of health aspects due to reservoir impoundment, adequacy of downstream compensation water and effect of construction works in the environment
• Study of impacts due to erosion, sedimentation and pollution resulting from land use practices in the catchment area

The salient features of the Dam Site are:

• Implementation year: 2016
• Maximum height of 40m.
• Catchment area: 88.97 km².
• Reservoir storage: 14.23 x 106 m³
• Reservoir yield: 46,224 m³/day
• Impoundment area: 102 ha.
• Volume of Dam: 880,000 m

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