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Bungoma Water Supply

Bungoma Water Supply

Project Details


Lake Victoria North Water Services Board (Now Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency)

Period of Assignment:

2006 - 2010

Financed by:

KfW and GoK

County/ Town



Data Collection, Engineering Survey, Preparation of Preliminary and Final Design Reports, Tender Documents, Prequalification of Tenders, Tender Evaluation and Award, Construction Supervision and Commissioning of Scheme.

Project Backround

Bungoma Municipality is situated near the junction of Kanduyi Trading Centre along Webuye-Tororo Highway. The base population (1999) of 60,157 is expected to grow to 87,784 by the Year 2025 and the water demand is estimated to grow to 9,753m3/day by then.

The Project comprised of Rehabilitation and Augmentation of existing Treatment Works from 2,200m3/d to 9,200m3/d capacity. The Water Distribution Network has been extended by an additional 23.9km of Mains of diameters 80mm – 400mm.

The Raw Water from the existing Intake is pumped to the Treatment Works by means of a new 350mm dia Steel Main, length 170m and the Treated Water pumped to a high level RC storage, capacity 1,000m3, from where it is gravitated to Bungoma Town.

Bungoma Water Supply Works included the following:

• Modification of the existing Intake Works on River Kuywa and Rehabilitation of the existing Matisi Water Treatment Works;

• Construction of a new Raw Water Gravity Main, length 170m, 350mm in diameter;

• Construction of a new Conventional Water Treatment Plant, capacity 7,000m3/day, comprising of Flocculation Basin, Horizontal Flow Sedimentation Tanks and Rapid Sand Filters, Chemical Dosing arrangements, 500m3 Collector Tank, Pump House, Administration Building incorporating Laboratory and Control Room and other Site Works.

• Laying of a new Treated Water Pumping Main, length 9.97km, diameter 400mm and Treated Water Gravity Main, length 8.76km, diameters varying from 400mm to 250mm;

• Construction of 1nr Reinforced Concrete Storage Tank at Mabanga, capacity 1,000m3;

• Augmentation of existing Water Distribution Network by additional 23.9km of mains, diameters varying from 80mm to 400mm.

• Laying of new Sewer, length 1.64km, diameters varying from 300mm to 160mm

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