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Engineering and Design

Engineering and Design

From transport solutions, developing land for new homes and industry, skyscrapers for commerce through to dams for the reliability of water supplies and schemes to manage the environment. MIBP enjoys a record of excellence providing quality services that deliver safe, reliable and appropriate solutions to meet the demands of growing communities.

Water Infrastructure

Over 6 million people in East Africa benefit from water resources developed by MIBP. Services include:
Hydrological Analysis
Demand characterization for water & energy
The formulation of environmentally sustainable alternative solutions for analysis using appropriate multi-criteria decision methodologies and the development of strategic plans for long-term planning horizons

Urban Infrastructure

MIBP executes land use planning architecture, highways, sewerage, water reticulation, surface water drainage for housing, industrial and commercial developments.
The development of innovative approaches has helped MIBP to improve the quality of life of many with appropriate low cost housing

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