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Asset Management

Asset Management

Infrastructure managed to reach its greatest potential

Long term investments in civil engineering infrastructure require hands-on management to ensure that they perform as required and are maintained to meet expected useful life spans. From water supplies through to annual capital improvement plans for municipal assets, MIBP bring over 50 years of experience to assist water service providers, counties, cities and industry manage assets using the most up to date information management technologies.

Wet Infrastructure Management

Water and waste water utilities depend on MIBP's expertise to ensure a meaningful return on the investment in their infrastructure . From performance based asset management , O&M manual development through to plants operations. MIBP provides support to manage water and waste water treatment plants, portable water systems, sanitary, sewers and pumping facilities to optimal working capacities

Non-Revenue Water

Conventional wisdom dictates that if it costs more to recover lost product than the cost of its production, then it is prudent to produce more. With water a scarce and life sustaining resource, following this approach can lead to preventable economic loss, disease and an avoidable impact on the quality of life.
MIBPs proven techniques lower the cost of finding leaks and tracking lost revenue make it possible to be aggressive in managing leakage of water and loss of revenue

Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Aging infrastructure , poor maintenance practices and deferred capital investment are serious challenges to the delivery of safe potable water and services to protect the environment. MIBP conducts condition surveys, optimization analytics and engineering to economically bring under performing assets to full production

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