Nairobi Distribution Lot-2

Project Background:
The Nairobi City Water Distribution Network Modifications Project has been implemented by AWWDA in co-operation with the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC) and financed jointly by the Government of Kenya (GoK) and KfW Development Bank of Germany (KfW) with a co-financing Grant from the European Union (EU).

The objective of the investments is to improve water supply in areas of Nairobi, which are currently undersupplied. Euro 30 million have been allocated to the Project. This amount is composed of a Euro 25 million commercial loan by KfW and Euro 5 million grant by the European Union under the ACP-EU WATER Facility Pooling Mechanism.

The Project aims at improving the water services in Nairobi and surrounding areas, including efforts to promote sustainable social economic development and to contribute to overall poverty reduction. The Project is being implemented in the following Three (3) Work Lots:

1. Lot 1: Design and Construction of Transmission Pipeline from Gigiri (or Kiringiti) to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).
2. Lot 2: Review of Design and Construction of Kabete - Uthiru - Karen Water Transmission Pipeline (Karen transmission line)
3. Lot 3: Design and Construction of Extensions of Water Distribution Network Infrastructure to Peri-Urban low income areas of Eastern and Western Nairobi.

The Scope of Works for the Construction of the Western Transmission (Kabete-Uthiru-Karen) Pipeline – Lot 2 Project comprises of the following components:

i) Construction of Water Transmission Pipeline from Kabete to Uthiru to Karen. Ferrous Pipeline of sizes 500-900mm dia. approx. length total length 14.25km:
ii) Reinforced Concrete Water Storage Tank at Uthiru Reservoir Site, capacity 5,000m3.
iii) Electromechanical works and associated civil works at Kabete Pumping Station to upgrade the capacity of the Kabete – Uthiru Pumping System from 30,000m3/d to 72,000m3/d.

Nairobi Distribution Lot-2