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Mumias Water Supply

Mumias Municipality is located in Butere / Mumias District, Western Province, Kenya and covers an area of 200km2. Mumias Town and its environs are served by a combination of Surface Water and Groundwater Systems. The main Surface Water Source is the River Lusumu, which flows along the Southern Boundary of Mumias Town.

The Project involved erosion control of the River Bank and construction of Flood Control Dykes made of rock-filled gabions with clay core. Approximate volume of dykes 2,900m3, length 180m. It also involved the Construction of a New Gravity Water Supply System for Mumias Municipality to increase water supply from the current 1,600 m3/d to the expected Year 2025 demand of 15,000m3/d.

The Scope of the Works was as follows:
• Intake Works and Flood Control measures on River Lusumu
• Raw Water Gravity Main – 600mm dia., length 1.35km
• Treatment Works – Capacity 15,000 m3/d comprising of Flocculation Basin, Horizontal Flow Sedimentation Tanks, Rapid Sand Filters, 1,500 m3 Storage Tank, Chemical Storage & Dosing Buildings, Sludge Drying Beds, Backwash Water Lagoon, Associated Site and Ancillary Works
• Treated Water Gravity Main – Ferrous Pipe 600/500 mm dia., length 28km
• Storage Reservoir – Reinforced Concrete Tank, Capacity 5,000m3
• Distribution Network – uPVC / Ferrous Pipes 400 mm – 80 mm dia., total length approximately 19 km
• Ancillary Works – 9 Nr Water Kiosks in Low Income Areas
• Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Stakeholder Workshops and Obtaining Construction License from National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA)

Mumias Water Supply
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