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Mpesa Foundation Academy

The Mpesa Foundation Academy is a state of the art co-educational and residential high school located on a 75 acre site on Thika – Mangu Road.

The physical infrastructure of the Academy is made up of entire range of facilities for an institution calibre. Amenities on the Campus include Administration Building, a state of the art Auditorium, Sport Complex with a gymnasium building, outer door sports facilities including a competition swimming pool; squash courts, changing rooms Teaching Blocks, Resource Centre, Dining Hall + Kitchen, Workshops, Music Centre, Water Tower, Dormitories for both boys and girls, Leavers Centre, housing for Junior and Senior Staff as well as houses for the Director and the Chief Executive Officer.

Moreover, the Academy has a vegetable farm as well as a dairy farm on the Campus. Effluent treatment plant and oxidation ponds are also accommodated within the Campus.

Mpesa Foundation Academy
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