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Water Supply & Sanitation - Kisii & Nyamira

Water Supply & Sanitation - Kisii & Nyamira

Project Details


Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency

Period of Assignment:

March 2017 – Ongoing

Cost of the Project:

KfW and GoK

County/ Town

Kisii & Nyamira


Feasibility Studies, Engineering Survey, Preparation of Final Design Reports, Tender Documents, Prequalification of Tenders, Tender Evaluation and Award and Construction Supervision.

Project Backround

The Project entails Expansion of Water Supply and Sanitation Systems for Kisii and Nyamira Towns with the principle objective of ensuring provision of adequate, reliable, hygienic, economically viable and affordable Water and Sanitation Services for the population of the Project Towns. This will contribute to the overall development goal of improving the health of the urban and peri-urban population by reducing waterborne diseases and favouring economic development. The Project also supports enhancement of water supply and sanitation service delivery and sustainability through improved commercialization, pro-poor orientation and clustering of schemes.

The Works Contract entails Rehabilitation and Improvement of the existing Water Supply System; Augmentation of the Water Supply and Expansion of the Sanitation Systems in Kisii and Nyamira.

Scope of Works

Kisii Water Supply:

• Improvement of Kegati Intake on R. Gucha and Expansion of existing Kegati Water Treatment Works from 6,500m³/day to 27,000m³/day
• Expansion of Raw and Treated Water Pump Station
• Construction of 150m long Raw Water Pumping Main including pumps and switchgear to pump 27,000m3/d, DN 700mm steel
• Construction of 3.5km long DN 700 Treated Water Pumping Main Steel Pipe from Kegati Treatment Works to Bobaracho Reservoir Site
• Construction of 2.8km long DN 300 Treated Water Pumping Main Steel Pipe from Bobaracho Reservoir Site to Nyanguru Storage Reservoir
• Construction of Bobaracho and Nyanguru Reservoirs of 5,000m3 and 500m3 capacities respectively
• Construction of Booster Pumping Station at Bobaracho Reservoir Site to serve Nyanguru tank
• Construction of 94km of Distribution Mains, DN 80-400mm (Steel and HDPE pipes)
Kisii Sanitation Works:
• Modification and expansion of the existing Suneka Wastewater Treatment Plant, from 2,000m3/day to 4000m3/day capacity.

Nyamira Water Supply:

• Improvement Works at Intake on R.Eyaka and Construction of new raw water pump house including installation of high lift Raw Water Pumps
• Construction of new raw water pumping main: DN 250mm Steel Pipeline, Length 1.2km long
• Rehabilitation and Improvement of Existing Nyamira Water Treatment Works, 3,500m3 capacity -Construction of New Flocculation Basins, Alum/Soda Ash & Chlorine Mixing and Dosing Facilities and Treated Water Pump House
• Construction of new Treated Water Pumping Main – DN 200mm steel pipe Length 1.0 km long
• Upgrading / Improvement of Existing Distribution Network and Storage Tanks
• Construction of 30 km of new Steel and HDPE pipelines sizes 50mm – 200mm
• Construction of 3 Nr. new Reinforced Concrete Storage Tanks each 500m3 capacity
Nyamira Sanitation Works:
• Construction of 5 Nr. Ablution Blocks

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