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Baricho Intake Works

Baricho Intake Works

Project Details


Coast Water Services Board (Now Coast Water Works Development Agency)

Period of Assignment:

2010 – 2011

Financed by:

AfD and GoK

County/ Town



Review and update of Tender Documents including Engineering Drawings of Rehabilitation Works for Baricho Intake Works, Construction Supervision, Training of Operation and Maintenance Personnel and Preparation of O&M Manuals.

Project Backround

Mombasa is the second largest County in Kenya and in the main port serving Kenya and the inland Countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, etc. The County’s coverage includes Island, North Mainland, West Mainland and South Mainland:

The Bulk Water Supply System to Mombasa comprises of Mzima Pipeline from Mzima Springs, Marere Water Supply System, Sabaki System from Baricho Intake Works and Tiwi Boreholes on South Mainland
The Sabaki System from Baricho Intake Works is a Pumping System involving abstraction of groundwater from 8 Nr Boreholes at Baricho, disinfection of water and pumping water to Mombasa, Malindi and Kilifi using High Lift Pumps.

The capacity of the 8 Nr Boreholes is 90,000 m3/d. At present, only 70,000 m3/d production is achieved.

The Mombasa High Lift Pump – 5 Nr (3 Nr Duty, 2 Nr Standby) are designed to pump 68,000 m3/d. Average pumped volume, 55,000 m3/d. The Malindi High Lift Turbine Pumps – 3 Nr (2 Nr Duty, 1 Nr Standby) are designed to pump 17,000 m3/d. Average pumped volume is 14,000 m3/d.

Under the assignment, a comprehensive review of the proposed rehabilitation works was carried out. The Tender Documents had various shortcomings and had to be updated after detailed condition survey of works specifically the electro-mechanical works including Borehole Pumps, High Lift Pumps and Switchgear Controls.

The Works comprised of:

1) Boreholes
• Cleaning of 8 Nr Borehole Wells and Testing.
• Replacement of 8 Nr Borehole Pumping Units and Header Pipework.
• Supply and Installation of Transformers.
• Rehabilitation of Switchgear and Controls

2) High Lift Pumping Station
• Replacement of High Lift Pumping Units for Mombasa 5 Nr and Malindi 3 Nr.
• Replacement of Control Valves and Header Pipework.
• New Surge System for Malindi Pumps
• Rehabilitation of Existing Mombasa and Malindi Surge System.
• New 3.3 Kv and 33 Kv Switchgear.
• Rehabilitation / Replacement of Switchgear and Control.
• Supply and Installation of Transformers.

3) Chlorination Building and 33 Kv Switchgear Building
• Construction of Chlorination Building, including Stores, Mixing Tanks, Dosers to enable Gravity Dosing.
• Construction of 33 Kv Switchgear Building

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