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Founded in 1968, MIBP retains a depth of experience to successfully deliver major new and redevelopment infrastructure projects. With our deep domain knowledge of construction, operations and maintenance of civic assets in the developing world, we bring to our work a demonstrable record of engineering solutions that are appropriate to the challenges faced in emerging economies.

Multi-Disciplinary Services offered by MIBP

Mangat I.B. Patel (MIBP) Limited provides engineering services in the following sectors:


Engineering for a changing world

From transport solutions, developing land for new homes and industry, skyscrapers for commerce through to dams for the reliability of water supplies and schemes to manage the environment. MIBP enjoys a record of excellence providing quality services that deliver safe, reliable and appropriate solutions to meet the demands of  growing communities.

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Managing complexity to ensure completion

Completing large scale projects on time and on budget is a distinction MIBP has built over the years.  Dedicated  to understanding stakeholder relationships unique to each project, MIBP provides management services for all phases of a project's development to ensure success. Launching from its deep domain knowledge of engineering and construction MIBP is able to steer projects built to specification and full value.


Visioning the future

Preparing for the future is the cornerstone of every successful community.  With MIBP's deep institutional knowledge of the issues surrounding development, transportation, land use, water and the environment. Planning for the future takes on a realistic dimension. From regional water resource studies though to residential sub-divisions, MIBP has demonstrated success in building sustainable, vibrant and livable communities.

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Infrastructure managed to reach its greatest potential

Long term investments in civil engineering infrastructure require hands-on management to ensure that they perform as required and are maintained to meet expected useful life spans. From water supplies through to annual capital improvement plans for municipal assets, MIBP bring over 45 years of experience to assist water service providers, counties, cities and industry manage assets using the most up to date  information management technologies.

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