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Multi-Disciplinary Services offered by MIBP

Mangat I.B. Patel (MIBP) Limited provides engineering services in the following sectors:

Feasibility Studies and Preparation of Master Plans

Proper planning of infrastructural development is key to ensuring sustainability and efficiency of such systems. Master planning entails forecasting of future needs and developing phased investment schedules whose timely implementation would result to efficiency of resource utilization and effective infrastructure for the present and foreseeable needs.

MIBP is among the few Engineering Consulting Firms in Kenya with reputable experience in developing Master Plans for Water Resources, Water Supply Systems as well as sanitation Services. The Firm has prepared Master Plans for Nairobi, Nakuru, Nyeri, Thika, Mombasa, Eldoret, Malindi, Lamu, Voi, Kilifi, Wajir and Dadaab Towns for their Water Resources, Water Supply or Sanitation Systems.

Master Plans recently prepared by the Firm include:

  • Feasibility Study and Preparation of Water Supply Master Plan for Nairobi and Satellite Towns (2012)

  • Master Plan for Water Supply to Eldoret and Satellite Towns (2018)

  • Waste Water Master Plans for Mombasa and Selected Coastal Towns (2017)

Water Supply Schemes

Water is an important resource which contributes significantly to the development of a region as well as ensuring productive and healthy population. The Firm has successfully undertaken the design and construction supervision of several dams, water treatment works as well as transmission and distribution systems throughout Kenya.

Success of these Water Supply Schemes is attributed to the company’s approach which incorporates in-depth analysis of pertinent aspects including field studies of existing systems, leakage and unaccounted-for-water studies, demographic studies and water demand projections, catchment hydrology, identification of surface and groundwater resources, water quality analysis, reservoir yield analysis, etc.

The Firm has also undertaken design and construction supervision of complex electro-mechanical works, instrumentation and automation associated with water supply and sanitation works.

Key Water Supply Projects undertaken / currently being undertaken by MIBP include:

  • Mwache Multi-Purpose Dam

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